June Heroclix Events

An exciting month for Heroclix, lots going on! Join us for any or all (preferably all) of our events!

Thursday, June 4th 5:30
500 points unlimited
build a 500 point team, anything goes (within the rules, that is).
playing for TBD LE.

Saturday, June 20th 1:00
Age of Ultron storyline event month 1
This event is a sealed booster event using one of the two formats: 1 Age of Ultron booster and 1 other non-Age of Ultron booster or 2 Age of Ultron boosters. Players will construct a 300 point team from their two boosters. Cost of the event is $30.00, which covers entry and boosters. There is only room for 10 players so prepaying to reserve your seat is strongly recommended. Prepayment for this event starts on the 4th of June. Playing for competitive and participation LE’s and resource dial.

Saturday, June 27th 1:00
Yu-Gi-Oh Heroclix Battle of the Millennium month 4
For this event there will be a $5.00 entry fee that can be prepaid to reserve a seat. There is only room for ten players, reserving is your best option to guarantee a seat, after that it will be a first come first serve basis.
Players will bring a constructed team of 500 points made up entirely from the Yu-gi-oh sets. Players may use the Millennium Stone, puzzle, eye and/or any Yu-Gi-Oh LE’s.