Tiny Leaders League – Sundays, noon, Franklin

Tiny Leaders is a hot new Commander-style format. 50 cards, 3 mana cost or less, 1v1 with its own banned list. Build cool Legacy-style commander decks, play for fun in a league. Hosted by the Milwaukee chapter of Tiny Leaders, weekly on Sunday at Game Universe Franklin.


Find out more at the Tiny Leaders official website and the Milwaukee Facebook page and right on Game-Universe.com

Format, Prizes and so on.

League format – prizes determined by participation, not standings. Actual method of pairing may vary from week to week, but you can be sure of getting in some good games.

$5 entry per week, show up any time between noon and 4 pm

Week 1 $3 toward singles
Week 2 $4 toward singles
Week 3 1 booster + 1 promo
Week 4 $12 store credit, 1 promo

Prizes will be awarded individually, based on attendance, so the formats can focus on fun games.

Sealed GPT Charlotte and Nexus Game Fair Qualifier, April 11

Join us for our Magic: the Gathering Sealed GPT and qualifier for the Nexus Game Fair Open at Game Universe Brookfield.

Registration is at 11 am, and the event starts at noon on April 11th, 2015. We will run Swiss rounds, followed by a top-4 or top 8 single elimination cut depending on attendance. Entry is $35.



We will provide a spread of booster packs as prizes, with at least 35% of all prizes going to 1st place, or an amount of store credit according to the following pattern:

The prize pool will be incremented according to attendance. 8 Players: $100, 12 players: $150, 16 players: $200, etc. Prizes will be in booster packs or store credit, based on attendance, with promos and additional support added according to attendees.

1st place will receive a bye to the $1k event of their choice at Nexus Game Fair AND 2 byes for GP Charlotte 2015.

Sealed pool registration will be required. We will provide lists to all participants. Seating is limited to 48, so pre-registration is recommended.

The format will be a Sealed for GPT Charlotte 2015.

The 3.14 Pi Sale and Game Day

Franklin location, Members only Pi Sale
Take advantage of the Members Only game room sale. For every $10 worth of games you get from the Members Only sale, you’ll get $3.14 off your total purchase. That’s a 31.4% savings, this Pi Day only.

All Game Universe locations and customers, pi sale
For every purchase made in the store outside the members only sale, you’ll get 3.14% of your total back on a gift card that you can spend on anything in the store.

Pi Day Gaming
We’ve also got MilCog on hand for epic Pi gaming all day long! Check it out at www.MilCog.com