The End Of The World at Game Universe Franklin

Thursday, February 5, 2015

4pm – 8 pm
$2/ Player GM Fee

You just sat down at your local friendly game store to play some new system one of the guys is trying to get people to play when things get odd…

The basic premise of this game is, your you and it’s the end of the world. We will start will character creation (info below) then roll into the story of the zombie apocalypse. While your starting gear is what you have on you PLEASE remember this is a store, no weapons! (Menard’s is across the street… If you make it that far muwahaha)

Want to know more? Click here!

If you want to use your own dice, you will need approximately 10d6 split into 2 groups (this set is the positive dice, this set is the negative dice).


February Heroclix

Saturday, February 14th at 1:00
Justice League OP kit sealed event
For this event each player will purchase a minimum of ten heroclix figures from gravity feeds, boosters, fast forces sets. The various heroclix items will be 50% off and does not include new inventory. From your purchased figures you will make a 400 point team. As this is a sealed event only game figures and elements that are in the product purchased may be used. Playing for a complete set of the Justice League OP kit containing Wonder Woman, Black Canary, and Wonder Girl.
Saturday, February 28th at 1:00
Breakin’ the Rules
Modern age. 500 points. For this event the rule that will be ignored is the Prime Figure rule. Any number of different Prime Figures may be used on your team. You don’t need to use Primes but you may use as many different primes as you can fit in 500 points. Playing for a zombie team base, and random relics for all runner ups.

Shadows Over Innistrad Booster Box Sale and Release Weekend Events

Shadows Over Innistrad releases this Friday, April 8th, 2016. As always, Game Universe will have it’s Booster Box sale!

Save $20 on your booster box purchase! This time around Game Universe will have a One Day Only Special of $109.99 on this Friday , April 8th at all 3 locations.

Come Join the Fun as Game Universe rolls out its: Shadows Over Innistrad Release Weekend of Events!shadow

Friday, April 8th in Franklin, Brookfield and Menomonee Falls

We will have all day $13 booster drafts. Join us for the first day of legal Shadows Over Innistrad drafting!

Brookfield: Friday, April 8th

Franklin: Saturday, April 9th

Menomonee Falls: Sunday, April 10th

Buy-A-Box, Win-A-Boxshs
$139.99 entry
Create a sealed deck from your Shadows Over Innestrad box. Play 3 rounds of swiss. Each player with an X-0 record will win 1 additional box of Shadows Over Innistrad.
This event will fire all day as we get 8 players.
Flights will be done in pods all day long, while interest remains. A minimum of 8 players required to run per pod.

Fat Pack Battle
$48 Entry
Created a sealed deck from ANY Fat Pack we have in stock. Play 2 rounds of swiss. Each player with an X-0 record will win 1 Shadow Over Innistrad Fat Pack. This event will fire in 4 person pods, and we will fire events all day while supplies last.

Booster Draft
$15 Entry
Prizes in booster packs
8/4 pack split for every 8-person pod

Sunday, April 10th in Brookfield

Fat Pack Battleindex
$48 Entry
Created a sealed deck from ANY Fat Pack we have in stock. Play 2 rounds of swiss. Each player with an X-0 record will win 1 Shadows Over Innistrad Fat Pack. This event will fire in 4 person pods, and we will fire events all day while supplies last.


$109.99 offer only good on April 8th on Shadows Over Innistrad booster boxes.

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Now hiring: sales associate able to work all Milwaukee locations Universe’s is hiring a part-time sales associate able to work at any Game Universe location. The job starts as soon as possible, but candidates must be available to work at least January-July of 2015. Submit a resume to

SALES candidates will reliable, have excellent customer service skills, good communication skills, have retail sales experience. The job is roughly 9 hours a day, typically from 11 am – 8 pm, but may go later on days when we hold events. New hires will start at 1 day each week, which may be any day Monday – Sunday, with more days possible for qualified candidates. Candidates must live in the Milwaukee area, have reliable transportation, and be available for training on weekdays. Preference will be given to candidates with outstanding board game knowledge and excellent people skills.

Email a resume to our Regional Manager, Matthew Vercant, Please include a list of games which you have played and could teach to others.раскрутка сайта в интернете

January HeroClix Events in Franklin

Saturday, January 3rd at 1:00
the N.E.W. Y.E.A.R. game. Build an 800 point team that consists of seven(7) figures. Each figure must possess on of the keywords that makes up N.E.W. Y.E.A.R. and no duplicates are allowed. Golden age for figures, No resources allowed, but you may use relics, feats, BFCs, and entities. Playing for TBD LE figures.
N=New Mutants
W=White Lantern Corp
Y=Young Justice
Thursday, January 8th at 5:30
Clone Wars
Build an 200 point team. Golden age. Resources, relics, and other game elements allowed.

Build a team that has a minimum of three separate figures. All the figures on your team must be variations of the same hero or villain. For example, if you chose Mr. Fantastic as your character, all the figures on your team must be variations of Mr. Fantastic. However no duplicate figures, a duplicate is a figure with the same set symbol and set number. LE versions of a figure may be used. Dual based figures will qualify as long as the chosen figures name is one of the names on the base. Current banned figures: none

For this event there will be a $1.00 entry fee that will go to a prize pool that will be given to the winner in the form of store credit. Also playing for random 3-D objects.

Thursday, January 22nd at 5:30
Breakin’ the Rules
Build a 600 point team. Golden age. For this event the Rule of Three will be suspended. Modifiers may stack as much as possible but can not go below 0. Playing for TBD LE figure.

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Fate Reforged Prerelease, January 17 & 18

Join Game Universe on January 17 & 18 for our series of Fate Reforged pre-release events. We are also proud to offer our first ever premium, limited seating event, the Franklin Midnight Premium High Stakes Tournament.

All events except the midnight, high stakes premium, and buffet are $30 if you pre-register, or $35 at the door. Midnight events are $40. The Franklin Saturday Buffet is $35 if you pre-register or $40 at the door. The High Stakes tournament is $50, limited to the first 16 players to register. All prize payouts are by record. Each event has a minimum of 2 packs per player in the prize pool, many have higher prizes and are therefore more competitive.

Franklin Premium Midnight Pre-release

This event is limited to pre-registered players only. No at-the-door registration.

This event is limited to the first 16 players to sign up. Food is included. The atmosphere of this event is geared to players that enjoy a casual atmosphere, but like to feel that they’re “really playing for something.”

  • Drinks will be provided free of charge to all participants.
  • Pizza and snacks will also be provided.
  • All players will receive 1 playmat, 1 deckbox, and 1 set of collectable mana symbol pins.
  • Additionally, one lucky player will take home a giant Garruk standee – perfect for securing your Magic collection against roving bands of planeswalkers.
  • We will play 3 rounds.
  • After 3 rounds, all undefeated players will win 1 booster box.
  • Players with a 2-1 record will receive $20 of store credit.
  • All other players will receive 2 booster packs

The prize, food and drawing value for this event is over $1000. Because of the need to order food in advance, only those who pre-register will be admitted to this event. Unlike most of our events, spectators are not admitted to this event. Prizes are subject to change based on attendance. Giveaways, food and fun are not.

Event Schedule by Location

Menomonee Falls – Saturday, January 17

MIDNIGHT – SEALED – $40 : Double prizes, 1 case+ payout typical
NOON – SEALED – $30 / $35 ATD : 1 free playmat for each participant
6 PM – SEALED – $30 / $35 ATD

Brookfield – Sunday, January 18

NOON – SEALED – $30 / $35 ATD
5 PM – 2-HEADED GIANT – $30 / $35 ATD

Franklin – Saturday, January 17


MIDNIGHT – HIGH STAKES – $50 : Meal included, 16-person seating limit

9 AM – EARLY BIRD SEALED – $30 / $35 ATD : Every round, get a pack from the “Early Bird Bin” of prizes
1 PM – BUFFET INCLUDED – $35 / $40 ATD : All-you-can eat buffet included with event. Additional prizes
6 PM – 2-HEADED GIANT – $30 / $35 ATD


Noon – Sealed – $30 / $35 ATD : Every round includes a prize drawing for 1 $5 gift card for every 10 players

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