Rummikub National Championship Qualifier

MilCog and Game Universe are proud to host the Rummikub National Championship qualifier series for Milwaukee!

There will be 2 events in this series, one on November 9 at Game Universe Menomonee Falls and a 2nd event on November 15 at Game Universe Franklin. The winner of each will receive 1 of only 24 seats at the National Championship.

Entry is $5, or free if you buy a copy of Rummikub from Game Universe. The winner of the event receives 1 seat at the 2014 Rummikub National Championship at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair on November 22 at 2:30pm.

The winner of the National Championship receives a round trip flight for 2 and a $1,000 USD in travel expenses to the Rummikub World Championship in Germany in 2015. The world champion wins The Rummikub World Cup and a pair of round-the-world airline tickets.

Tournament Rules


Rummikub Tournaments abide by standard Rummikub rules, with the following additions:


• At the start of the game each player takes 14 tiles from the pool (2 face down stacks of 7 tiles).

• Players have a time limit of 1 minute per turn. If, during this time period a player has failed to make a successful play, all tiles remaining on the table (not as sets) must be returned to the player’s rack, in addition to 3 penalty tiles from the pool.

• A set on the table that includes a joker may not be manipulated while it contains the joker. It can be added to, but cannot be split apart, unless the joker is replaced

• The tournament will be played in three rounds of four games each. The player that wins the most  games is the winner of the round. In the event of more than one person with the same number of wins, the person with the most points will be deemed the winner.

More information

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Halloween EDH FNM

Halloween EDH FNM

Game Universe Franklin, Friday, Oct 31, 6 pm

To celebrate the ghoulishly good times at Game Universe, our Franklin store is running a Halloween Commander tournament.

Prizes based on turnout
Prizes: Trick or treat bag for everyone with one random card (Artifact land, Zendikar basic, and so on), candy, and a promo card.

  • 4 – 7: Any fetch
  • 8 – 11: Any 2 Fetches
  • 12 – 15: Any 3 Fetches including 1 delta
  • 16 – 19:Any 4 Fetches including 1 delta
  • 20 + : + 1 Fetch for every 4 players after this

Essentially every 4 people adds a fetch land to the pot.

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MTG Khans Game Day

MTG Khans Game Day

Saturday – All Game Universe locations

We’re getting creative with Game Day this time. In short, we’ve got draft, followed by a dual constructed event that is free to play if you drafted. That’s a whole day of Magic fun for the cost of one booster draft.

  • Entry: $15
  • Prizes: $20 store credit for 1st place, $15 for 2nd place at each 8-person draft table. Everyone who plays gets a full-art Heir of the Wilds.
  • Championship Prize: Each 1st and 2nd place player at each table will then play in a Championship Tournament using their Standard Constructed decks. Top 8 will receive full-art Game Day Utter End. The winner of this event will take home the coveted Game Day playmat.
  • Didn’t win your draft? A standard constructed event will follow at 3pm, which is FREE if you drafted, or $6 if you didn’t. The winner of this event will receive a Game Day Playmat as well.

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