March HeroClix Events

Saturday, March 9th 1:00
No Man’s Land Month 4
Build a 400 point team made up from the following sets only: Batman, Streets of Gotham, and/or No Man’s Land.
Players will be battling it out for the Poison Ivy LE. This is a constructed event so there will be a $3.00 fee to participate in this event. The twenty person rule is in effect for this event, first twenty players will receive a participation prize with preference going to players signed up in advance at the Heroclix event system.

Thursday, March 21st 6:00
Monster Vs. Scientist constructed
Golden Age (no belts/ gauntlets)
Build two 600 point teams. All the figures on one team must possess the Monster keyword, all the figures on the other team must possess the Scientist keyword. You do not need to have a theme team but if you have at least six figures on a team it will be a theme team. At the start of each round a separate dice roll will be made that will determine who plays monsters and who plays scientist.
Playing for the Franken-Castle LE

Thursday, March 28th 6:00
Clone Wars VI
600 points Golden Age (Utility Belts no/ Gauntlets no)
Build a 600 point team that has a minimum of three separate figures.
All the figures on your team must be variations of the same hero or villain. For example, if you chose Mr. Fantastic as your character, all the figures on your team must be variations of Mr. Fantastic. However no duplicate figures, a duplicate is a figure with the same set symbol and set number. LE versions of a figure may be used. Dual based figures will qualify as long as the chosen figures name is one of the names on the base.
Playing for: TBD. In addition, For this event there will be a $1.00 entry fee that will go to a prize pool that will be given to the winner in the form of store credit.adwords что этопродвижение новостного сайта

March of Moxes Standard Constructed Tournament for a Mox Ruby, March 16 Game Universe and for our March of Moxes Standard Constructed Tournament at noon on March 16. First place can win one of the most collectable cards in the game – a mighty Mox!

Registration & Entry

  • Registration begins at 11 am, tournament seating at 11:45
  • $30 Entry
  • Pre-registration: Stop by any Game Universe location any time between now and the day before the event to reserve a seat. Pre-Registration also gets a triple pull in our door prize drawing (see below).

Tournament Structure

  • Swiss rounds determined by attendance.

Door Prize

  • Everyone who participates in all rounds gets a random “door prize” card sealed in a pack.
  • Those who pre-register will get 3x door prizes packs. 
  • You keep what you pull, and one person will get a Collector’s Edition Mox.
  • The person who pulls the card with the highest casting cost will win an additional “Mox-tastic” prize, determined based on attendance.
  • If we get 60+ players, we will give a MOX PEARL away as this door prize. That’s right, a $500 card could be yours just for entering.

Other Prizes


  • If attendance = 20+ first place will win a Mox Ruby, other moxes (Opal, Diamond, Chrome, etc) or cards may be awarded as prizes if attendance falls below this.
  • 2nd and 3rd place will receive store credit usable for any products we stock.
  • Additional prizes will be announced at the start of the event, OR as preregistrations are confirmed

Don’t want a mox? Aren’t around enough to use store credit? No problem! Our buyer will be on hand to purchase your prize card back from you.tokarevsound.comпродвижение сайтов в сети интернет

L5R CCG League | 2013 Duel to Rule Rokugan

The Divine Empress has decreed that Game Universe Brookfield shall be the grounds for a test of the clans in 2013! The clan who secures the greatest number of victories will be declared the Champions of the Game Universe Crimson Dueling Ground (that’s what we’re calling our Game Room now. Red wall paint. Tournaments. With us?) and earn cool prizes, in addition to the right to display their clan mon in the Dueling Ground for an entire year!

Sponsored by and Game Universe Brookfield, the 2013 Duel to Rule Rokugan will be a constructed tournament played once each month* throughout 2013. The format is Emperor Constructed, and will adhere to the L5R floor rules and card legalities posted by AEG with the following special event rules:

– Entry fee will be $6
– Each match won earns the winner 1 booster pack of their choice.
– Participants must be members of the Imperial Assembly and present their IA number to participate
– Each event will feature 3 rounds.
– Pairings will be determined at random each round, but you will not play the same opponent twice in the same night.
– Each round players will select a settlement in Rokugan that they are playing for.
– The winner of each match claims that settlement for their clan, marking it with an appropriate colored marker on our wall map.
– Once all settlements are claimed, you choose an occupied settlement (which may be of any clan). The winner of the match then adds a marker for the clan of their choice to that city. The clan with the most markers there at the end of the year will claim that city. If there is a tie, the city will not be counted toward a particular clan.
– At the end of the year the Clan with the greatest amount of territory will be declared the victors! In addition to the honor of proving your clan superior, the Empress has declared that the winning faction will earn the right to display its clan mon on the wall of the Crimson Dueling Ground in Game Universe Brookfield for the entire year of 2014!

*Additional events may be scheduled as appropriate.позиции сайта в гугле

Gatecrash Game Day, Feb 23 & 24, all locations

Game Days are the first opportunity for you to play Standard on a global scale with the newest cards! Best of all, when you play at Game Universe you can win awesome prizes too!

Where Can I Play?

All Game Universe locations! Greenfield and Menomonee Falls will host on Feb 23, and Brookfield will host on the 24. All events start at noon.

What Happens There?

Game Days are Standard format tournaments – you can use the same deck you do for Friday Night Magic.

What’s it Cost?

The entry fee for the Gatecrash Game Day is $10, and covers all prize support. Speaking of which …

What Do I Get?

At Game Universe Gatecrash Game Days, 1st place will get a Booster Box of Gatecrash as a prize! 2nd and 3rd place will receive store credit based on attendance.

All participants receive an exclusive Zameck Guildmage (while supplies last). The Top 8 players each receive an exclusive Firemane Avenger full-art promo card. The cards are awarded to the Top 8 players even if the tournament cuts only to the Top 4.

In addition, the first place winner of Gatecrash Game Day will receive an exclusive Playmat.

What Does a “Standard Deck” Mean?

The Standard format uses only the newest sets the game has to offer. The current block, the block that was released the previous fall, and the most recent core set are all legal to play in a Standard deck.

For more information on Standard, click here.

The following sets will be Standard legal at Gatecrash Game Day: Innistrad, Dark Ascension, Avacyn Restored, Magic 2013, Return to Ravnica, and Gatecrash.

Have Questions?

Contact for questions concerning this mobile rpg gameпродвижение сайтов вопросы