Some Useful Kickstarter Links

Energy Empire


Kickstarter Best Practices group on Facebook

Card & Board Game Designers Guild

Eduardo Baraf – Kickstarter Basics

Crowdfunding Google+ Group

BoardGameGeek Kickstarter Forums:

Quora kickstarter category

Funding the Dream podcast:

KickstarterHQ and the affiliated pod cast:

Richard Bliss
Kickstarter & Facebook – Making them work together.

Crowd Funding Planning

Conversations with Kickstarter project creators

Kickstarter Game Fan Page

Crowd-funding Academy (Video)

GMG Artist List

Kickstarter Blogs by Stonemaier Games

Reddit Page

BoardGameGeek Kickstarter anouncements

Google Plus Pages  (Board Games Group)  (Crowd Funding Group)  (Geek & Sundry Group)


Contest Domination (Free email referral contests)

Facebook like contests

Tabletop Gaming News (KS friendly news site)

The Purple Pawn (KS friendly news site)


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