Interview with a Vampire

Chain Reaction

Ok, so I’m not a Vampire and I’m not as good looking as Brad Pitt… But apparently some people felt it worth their while to interview me over the last few years – and hey, I needed a catchy title.

This is a post that I’m going to use to keep track of the rare interviews I’ve done online. I’m not a fan of doing them so I don’t usually accept offers for them. But I have done enough now that I suppose I should list them all in one place. Enjoy…

Can projects like Tabletop Simulator ever replace physical board games? (2018)


Gaming with Edo – Interview (2017)


The Game Crafter Podcast (2017)
The Manhattan Project and Hidden Movement Contests at The Game Crafter – Episode 124


Interview with Tompet Games (2017)


The Game Crafter Podcast (2017)
Owning A Game Store with The Game Crafter – Episode 71


Meeple Syrup Episode 43 Do The Math, Eh?  (2015)

(and the aftershow…)


Crafter Con 2015: Kickstarter Panel – Richard Bliss, Jason Glover, James Mathe, Jeff King


BGG.CON 2015 Interview from the Tuesday Night Games guys:


Funding the Dream – The Podcast for Kickstarts – By Richard Bliss
Ep. 251 James Mathe Kickstarter Survey Results (2015)


Funding the Dream – The Podcast for Kickstarts – By Richard Bliss
Ep 247 Kickstarter vs Board Game Stores with James Mathe (2015)


GenCon 2014: Designer/Publisher Speed Dating – James Mathe


I was also a small part of The Next Great American Game documentary (GenCon 2014). did an interview with me in 2013, here’s a copy of it from the Wayback Machine:


Another short interview from 2013 on Gaming Trend‘s website.


Here’s an interview from 2013 about a game we made called Hegemonic:


An interview from Penny Arcade in 2013:


Also see:


Energy Empire


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