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People are regularly wanting to hire me to do consulting work for them… But, I’m semi-retired now and don’t really enjoy that kind of work. When told that, most ask who I’d recommend to help them out. While I don’t really wish to play favorites, I did put together this list of professionals that may help you out. I did not vet any of these and do not endorse any, this is merely a list for you to start to find the help you seek.

Note this table below has a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom. Bio info is to the far right.

Also, you can click any column to sort by that column. Find the service column you’re interested in, click it twice and all the people offering that will be on the top of the list for your review.

WARNING: I have not vetted and I am not recommending or endorsing any of these people. They submit the info they want listed to me and I post it. I do not have the time to verify or rate them. Make sure you do your own background checks.

  • If you wish to be added to this list use the contact page to send me all the column data.

GD = Game Developer / Playtester
KS = Kickstarter Consulting
SM = Social Media Managment
MK = Marketing / Advertising
BD = Business Development
LG = Logistic
LW = IP & Contract Law
AC = Accounting & Tax Law

Your NameEmailGDKSSMMKBDLGLWACOther ServicesBio / Experience / Education (keep it short)
Alex Cutleralexycutler@gmail.comXFull time game designer/ over a dozen game designs published or under contract to be published/ for-hire dev work on many outside projects/ runs a local game design meetup
Alex Harkeyalex.harkey@gmail.comXXAccounting and Tax Consultant with clients in video game & tabletop industries. Game designer, developer and author of game design theory / Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Alex Yeagerayeager@gmail.comXXXAgent, Convention Rep.12 years at Mayfair Games (Vice-President of Acquisitions and Development); 20+ years demonstrations/training for a variety of companies (notably Steve Jackson Games and Cheapass Games), podcast prodction
Alexander Nykolaiszynalexnyk@outlook.comX10+ Years Game Trade Retailer / Business Intelligence Developer
Amanda Perryamanda.a.perry@gmail.comXXDisability/Inclusion consultant for multiple LARPs; Social Media Director for AnomalyCon.
Andrei Novacoffice@strawberry.studioXXXXXProduct SourcingPresident of NSKN Games, several years experience with Kickstarter, both on our own projects and for other clients. We also help non-US publishers to run campaigns in the United States.
Andrew Birkettandrew@atherisentertainment.com XX
Ann Lositoa.m.losito@gmail.comXI am a licensed Certified Public Accountant in the state of Florida. I understand the ins and outs of running a Kickstarter campaign.
Bob Nolanranolan@gmail.comXXXExperience in the industry as a freelancer. Have Bachelor's in English and Master's in Psychology. I've done writing, editing, proofreading, rules reviews, working in Tabletopia and Tabletop Simulator, and consulting.
Bob Nolanranolan@gmail.comXXXBachelor's in English, Master's degree in psychology. Several years of freelance work (writing, editing, proofreading, Tabletopia / Tabletop Simulator) and social media management. I do crowdfunding consultations.
Brian NeffBrian.Neff88@gmail.comXXTesting and development on dozens of board games and 2 digital games. Full games list available at Waitressgames.net
Brittani-Pearl MacFaddenVylkira@gmail.comXXSmall Business Sidekick & Right Hand Viking specializing in organic social media management and community building. Packages customized to give creators more time to do what they do best!
Brittanie BoeBrittanieboe@gmail.comXXX
Bryan Gaffinbg@bryangaffin.comXX
Caezar Al-Jassarcontact@alleycatgames.comXXXXProduct SourcingHave run 6 of my own board game Kickstarter Campaigns which have raised in total £300,000. Have also consulted or run 3 others’ campaigns totalling over $330,000. Been doing this for 2 Years now
DAN BLACKLOCKdcblacklock@gmail.comX7 years in marketing (digital and traditional) for startups, and launched the BoxThrone Kickstarter. Experienced in creating full marketing campaigns including landing page creation, email marketing and social media ad strategies.
Daniel Wilkinsonsales@spiralgalaxygames.co.ukXXXHead of distribution and fulfillment at Spiral Galaxy Games, UK based board and card game distributor, publisher and EU friendly fulfillment house.
Daniel Zayasdmzayasplus@gmail.comXXXXXProduct SourcingIn the crowdfunding industry for more than four years with about 30 campaigns under my belt in the tabletop space. I was recently recognized as a Kickstarter Expert on the Kickstarter website.
David Carldacarnix@gmail.comXMathematical Modelinghttps://boardgamegeek.com/boardgamedesigner/35570/david-carl
DeQuan Watsondqwatson@gmail.comXXX15+ years games retail experience. Design & playtest work on board games, card games, and an RPG. Marketing work for a large company in the industry. Organized and hosted a convention.
Derek Millersixfigurecrowdfunding.comXXXXMillions raised on Kickstarter and Indiegogo
Donny Arnolddonny@gamergirlgames.comXXGame Convention OrganizerPromoter/Convention Owner/Trades Person. 25 years of being a successful Multipotentialite managing people, developing strategies for efficiency in workflow and loving games people play.
Eliot Millere.miller@tobegosu.comXXXProfessionally work as a social media and content marketer. Built the Bay Area Tabletop Devs group to 250+ members. Been running monthly playtesting meetups for 2 years.
Emil Larsenmail@suntzugames.comXXXLeadership & Project ManagementNew Media Designer & Project Management. My day job in the army primarily focuses on planning entire studies and teaching new officers how to create involving education/experiences and how to become a great leader.
Eric Hylandtankanddeeps@gmail.comXDesigning games & assisting other people with their designs since 2014. Bachelor's in Communications gives me great insight into the social side of games. I have several self-published prototypes on TheGameCrafter
Evan Halbertportlandgamecraft@gmail.comXAfter the Empire to be published 2019 by Grey Fox. Others in the works.
Jack Rosetreejackrosetree@gmail.comXI have experience in just about every type of editing. Shipping & inventory manager for a major gaming anchor store. Designed and sold a few of my own games.
James Wallisjames@spaaace.comXXXLicensingUK Based. www.Spaaace.com
Jared Nielsenjared@illusioni.stXXXXStartups, Publishing Ventures, IPOs, Crowdfunding
Jason Washburntalonstrikesinfo@gmail.comXXI have 4 published games. I have run and participated in 10 Kickstarter campaigns. I have a Bachelors in Graphic Design/Visual Communications. Worked in development & game design as well as graphic arts for games.
Jessica Blairrolltomarket@gmail.comXXAgent, Convention Rep., Licensing18 years of sales , marketing, and licensing experience in the tabletop game market with industry leaders Wizards of the Coast and Games Workshop to small companies and a startup.
John Brownleepathmage@gmail.comXXX3 years Technical Instructional Design, English Major, Editor, ESU Game Guild Pres.
Jonathan Ritter-Roderickhello@otherstuff.gamesXXXXXXProduct SourcingI've been in the games industry for 5+ years helpering creators do stuff they either don't know how to do or don't want to do. I've advised dozens of other companies over the years. Masters in Instructional Design
Kate Finchkate@2am.com.auXX
Levi Motelevimote@gmail.comXXTabletop Game Designer | RPG Designer | Freelance Developer | Training, Business Development, & Business Instruction professional as an Independent Contractor. BS Psychology | BS Political Science
Marshall Brittmarshall@yanaguanagames.comXXXXXProduct SourcingOwner of Yanaguana Games and several other productive businesses outside of the tabletop scope. Consultation experience in product design for many large toy and game makers.
Melissa Lewis-Gentrymlewisgentry@gmail.comXXXXBookkeeping, SalesGame Retailer & Indie RPG Sales and Publishing Consultant
Mike Sellersmike@onlinealchemy.comXX20+ years game design and development, from startups to AAA games. Author, "Advanced Game Design," and director of the Game Design degree program at Indiana University.
Molly M Zeffmolly.zeff@gmail.comXXXI have 10 years experience in sales, marketing/branding, and programming for social enterprises. I now run a game company I cofounded and handle all our sales and marketing.
Samitsamit@samitpatel.netXXXX10million+ raised a to z campaigns. 100s more consulted. International speaker and coach teaching crowdfunding.
Sen-Foong Limsenfoong.lim@gmail.comX
Stephen McArthurstephen@smcarthurlaw.comX
Stuart Andrewsstuart@theonlinemarketingstore.comXX20 years experience in sales and marketing with a recent focus on project management, online promotion and video content creation.
Sunny Sachdevchanasinj@gmail.comXXSpecialize in social media marketing, events marketing, marketing strategy and digital content creation. 10+ years experience in multiple fields, working with some of the world's best brands.
Thomas Eliotthomas@sixpencegames.comXX
Tyler Omichinskityler@omichinski.comXTeam has worked on: ReAnimator board game, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Board Game, Dragon Ball Z board game, Cowboy Bebop board game, and RPGs
Tyler Smithjordantylersmith31@gmail.comXXXAgent, Foreign ExchangeI've been growing startups from a point of infancy to a sustainable business. In the process of growing Snakes & Lattes Distribution throughout Canada.
Tyson Mertlichgamesmithsplaytesting@gmail.comXCommunity of designers, developers, analysts and engineers who love to play games.
Vaughn Reynoldsvaughn@vaughnreynolds.comXXXAfter years of professional marketing and social media management for clients, I have managed 7 board game Kickstarters, all to 100% funding with budgets from $0 to $10,000 for their marketing
Zachary Strebeckzstrebeck@strebecklaw.comXContracts, Business Entity Formation, Dispute ResolutionBoard game and video game lawyer with experience representing small and medium sized board game companies.

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  1. Brian Edwards on

    Vaughn Reynolds was awesome to work with on the Monster Dice campaign. He went above and beyond by setting up mailchimp emails, pre-marketing, Kickstarter page review before launch, FB ADS, responding to messages when I was unable, proofreading updates, and because of his extra effort the campaign was successful.

    • Oh man! Thank you so much Brian! It was super fun working with you, and I am excited to see your Monster Dice grow! 😀 Thank you for the kind words!

  2. Thanks for sharing this list of professional that can be hire. I am seeking for someone whom I can consult to about my business. This list that you shared here will definitely help me to find the right one that will suit my business.

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