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I have half a dozen Kickstarters to work on this year and I need to keep things on track and straight in my head… so I have this checklist worksheet for tracking all my project milestones. If I need something like this, I’m sure others can make use of it and maybe even contribute to making it better. So I’m releasing it here for all to use. Best of luck!

Tabletop Game Production & Kickstarter Checklist


Nervous about launching? Read this checklist:

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  1. Great checklist – as a newbie, there are a few acronyms I am unsure of – I’m sure I’ll figure it out as I read your other blogs. Thanks for sharing!

    Tony (A.M. Gman)

      • Brian Gallagher on

        Hey James
        I am definitely a beginner but an enthusiastic one. I have taken your checklist and incorporated it with my brother and I’s google sheets. I have a question about step one. Contracts Signed. What contracts are you referring to here? What do these contracts look Like?

  2. Angel Costas on

    So useful that it even fixed some doubts I had! (i.e. where to make the BBG entry).

    Thank you for such amazing resource.

  3. Wow thanks for this. This is really helpful. It was nice to be able to confirm that I’ve got most of the Pre-KickStarter stuff done or in process as I get ready to launch my game.

  4. Shoji McGhee on

    On your website (or by request) do you provide the Artist Requirements Worksheet and the Layout Requirements Worksheet mentioned in this checklist? I would be interested in seeing those.

    • I don’t have anything formal. Just detail exactly what images you’re looking for, what size they should be in. Should be a line by line list of each image you need. Thus any extras you request you should be expected to pay more for.

  5. Paul Villar on

    Quick question in the Pre-Marketing stage there is an entry for BGG Database Entry..however according to BGG self publishers should submit only when there is a final version available…So does that mean I can only submit after the game is funded?

    • While their rules have changed a bit with so many new Kickstarter games, what they mean is the final version of your game should be loaded… that can be (and should be) right BEFORE your Kickstarter launch when most everything is set in place. Obviously, the final game will change a bit, but most all of the data on the BGG page wouldn’t.

  6. Daniel Sterling on

    Hi James, I have a question on the business side of things. Should I form an LLC before launching a Kickstarter for my game? Can I just be an individual that happens to have a game that they want to sell?

    • An LLC is cheap to create ($100-200) so you should do it if you’re serious as then you can open a bank account in the company name and let Kickstarter deposit the money in the right place so that the IRS is happy and so that you keep your funds separate. That said, it’s not a requirement. You could do it after success and transfer the funds from your personal bank account to the busniess one – but the IRS will get a report on your SSN that you took in the money.

      Please ask questions in our Facebook Forums.

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