Publishing & Kickstarter Checklist

MilestonesI have half a dozen Kickstarters to work on this year and I need to keep things on track and straight in my head… so I have this checklist worksheet for tracking all my project milestones. If I need something like this, I’m sure others can make use of it and maybe even contribute to making it better. So I’m releasing it here for all to use. Best of luck!

Tabletop Game Production & Kickstarter Checklist


Nervous about launching? Read this checklist:

6 thoughts on “Publishing & Kickstarter Checklist

  1. Great checklist – as a newbie, there are a few acronyms I am unsure of – I’m sure I’ll figure it out as I read your other blogs. Thanks for sharing!

    Tony (A.M. Gman)

  2. Angel Costas on

    So useful that it even fixed some doubts I had! (i.e. where to make the BBG entry).

    Thank you for such amazing resource.

  3. Wow thanks for this. This is really helpful. It was nice to be able to confirm that I’ve got most of the Pre-KickStarter stuff done or in process as I get ready to launch my game.

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