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  When I’m explaining a new game to someone, many times I find myself saying things like: “It’s simultaneous role selection that you can share, like Race for the Galaxy” or “This part of the game is much like the auction Read more ›


Indie No Go

16 versus UPDATE: At bit under half way we are treading toward $60k and have earned over $26k with over 700 backers so far – how can anyone dispute the power of Kickstarter over any other site? There are Read more ›

Some Useful Kickstarter Links


Kickstarter Best Practices group on Facebook Card & Board Game Designers Guild Eduardo Baraf – Kickstarter Basics Crowdfunding Google+ Group BoardGameGeek Kickstarter Forums: Quora kickstarter category Funding the Dream podcast: KickstarterHQ Read more ›

Kickstarter Conversations – Hegemonic Interview


UPDATE: I was also featured on Funding the Dream podcast ep 247 & 251 here: As well as a video interview with Meeple Syrup Show:   Below is a copy of an interview I did with Kickstarter Conversations: Read more ›